About Us

Valley Day Preschool is a ministry of Beachpoint Church. We are a non-profit Christian Preschool and Extended Day Care Center. The school is in operation during the regular Fall and Spring terms with an additional Summer program which includes extended day care. We are licensed by the State of California, Dept. of Social Services. We also are a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Our preschool was established in the mid 1960’s.’

Our Preschool program is offered to children from ages two to six years old. We provide diaper changing services to those children needing it. Our lunch and snack program provide nutritionally balanced meals to our children.

Our school offers an extended day care program for TK, Kindergarten – 5th Grade for children attending Tamura Elementary School. We also offer an extended day care program to 6th – 8th Graders attending Fulton Middle School. The staff walks the children to and from Tamura School, which is adjacent to our property.


Valley Day Preschool is a ministry of Beachpoint Church. We seek to serve children and families in our community in a way that models our Christian faith and values.

Valley Day Preschool is deeply interested in the spiritual growth of your child. We teach Christian principles on a non-denominational basis through our everyday experiences, geared to the preschool age. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of love and understanding in which your child may come to know of God’s love for them through the everyday world.

We are a developmental program that believes that all children develop at their own rate. We provide small group learning activities and opportunities for individual child exploration and discovery that enhance the developmental process.


Our center operates for well children and staff only. Children should be fully able to participate in all activities including outdoor play.

If your child develops a fever while at school, they will be sent home. A 24 hour period, or more, must elapse before your child may return to school. This is for your child’s protection as well as for others.

All medications must be checked in at school. Prescription medications may be given if the parent fills out the medical authorization form. We only give medications prescribed by a doctor in the original container.

Should an emergency arise, you will be contacted immediately. The majority of our staff is CPR and Healthy & Safety qualified by the American Red Cross. Please make sure that your emergency contact information is up to date in our files.

If the child’s diet must be modified for health reasons, a physician’s written explanation is required. We provide nutritionally balanced snacks, meals and cooking activities. Menus are posted in each classroom and in the front office.

Please encourage your children to wash their hands often at home just like at school.