Green Room

Teacher: Ms. Lucy


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The 2 1/2 – 3 year old room (The Green Room) is designed to help children learn and be motivated to interact positively with each other. The children will find a large colorful room divided into different interest areas, filled with a variety of materials for children to manipulate, explore, learn, play with and share. Our classroom is designed to encourage children’s interest in learning about the world around them. These areas will allow children to play and explore materials with teacher guidance either individually or in small groups. Children will be allowed to choose a desired area while they learn to make choices and initiate their own activities. These activities will promote social and cognitive thinking skills, coordination, language skills as well as fine and large motor development skills. Children will have opportunities to take initiation, develop independence, and learn to interact and play cooperatively with other children. I want to provide the best learning environment for the children in my classroom. One that will stimulate and help children to feel safe, secure and self-confident in a clean and safe classroom.