Orange Room

Teacher: Ms. Kristi


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Welcome to the Orange Room! My name is Kristi O’Connell and I am excited to be the teacher in the Orange Room! I have worked at Valley Day since I was 18 and have worked in both the preschool & school-age programs as well as in the office. I have my bachelor’s degree and teaching credential from Cal State Fullerton. The Orange Room is typically made up of 4 and 5 year olds, who will be eligible for Kindergarten the following year.   Our classroom time is spent exploring both individually and as a group! We explore God’s world and the love He has for all us. Our days focus on developing the skills and independence needed for Kindergarten. We utilize a wide variety of outlets for discovery including art projects, manipulatives, toys, center activities, small and large group tasks, imaginative and guided play and teacher led discussions. Our art, circle time, centers, workbook pages, and class activities reinforce the letter, number, shape, color, Bible story and theme of the month. The students work to develop their thinking skills, social skills, writing skills, speaking skills and small and large motor skills through our class activities. The goal for our class by the end of the year is that each child will be confident in their own skills and have a deeper understanding for how much God loves them. Each new group of students cultivate their own sense of classroom community and I look forward to watching them grow!