Yellow Room

Teacher: Mrs. Stowell


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Welcome to the “Yellow Room”. My name is Susan Stowell, I have been the teacher in this classroom since September 1986 and enjoy every bit of it. This class is geared for two and half through three year olds. Each month we experience a different shape, color and theme. We will be using scissors to build our small motor control, while painting on the easel is a first step to reading. Our toys are not only for fun but also for learning. The housekeeping center takes great imagination and cooperation with the other children. Building with blocks causes children to think about cause and effect it also uses imagination as well as cooperation with others. Our toys are all colorful and in one way or another they cause the children to think, build eye-hand coordination, cooperate, create, manipulate and have fun. Outside play gives the boys and girls an opportunity to play with children other that their own classmates. Their large motor development is built through running, jumping, climbing, etc. The most important part of the day is “Circle Time”. We gather in a group for role call, the calendar, show and tell, singing and stories. All of these will build listening skills, sitting for a period of 10-15 minutes, group participation, and self confidence. We learn to count and recognize numbers. We have a Bible verse each month and we pray daily and talk about God and Jesus. Each day is designed for positive experiences while learning and developing independence.